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The Government Commission holds a meeting

At the session of the governmental commission, the participants discussed  " Measures taken against the Asian Stink Bug ". The commission comprising of the representatives of the different Ministries, Autonomous Republics of Adjara and Abkhazia, as well as Chairmen of Parliamentary Committees, Heads of Academies of national and agricultural sciences approved the 2018 plan against the Asian stink bug.  The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili provided the Commission with the current situation and undertaken activities.
Davitashvili spoke about the necessity of involvement of state agencies and underlined the importance of state in the fight against the Asian stink bug. "The measures have already been planned and functions are already assigned to the agencies of the governmental commission. The Commission will work throughout the year and will monitor the implementation of the strategy, against the Asian bug in 2018 " - the Minister said.
The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure will coordinate the tasks to the local self-government bodies and mobilize appropriate equipment and human resources throughout the country.
The Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia will provide residents with the information on how to combat the pest in their households and will prepare relevant informational booklets.
The Ministry of Education will work with the scientific circles and the Ministry of Finance will strengthen the phytosanitary regime at the border areas.
Local authorities in the regions were ordered to coordinate the creation of volunteer groups. Together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the relevant plan and timetable must be prepared to provide treatment activities in squares, gardens, state buildings and surrounding areas. As was mentioned at the Commission sitting, all government agencies will carry out chemical and mechanical activities in the buildings which are under their own balance.
The governmental commission was created on January 30, 2018. Commission members will gather systematically.