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1. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA) and scope of authority spans across management and fostering of environmental protection, agriculture and rural development areas. 
2. The key objectives of the Ministry’s scope of authority are the following: 


A) Implementation of the state policy in the areas of environmental protection, agriculture and rural development; 
B) State management and oversight over the natural resources (apart from natural deposits, oil and gas);  
C) Foster cultivation of sustainable development and green economic principles; 
D) Monitoring and management of an environmental pollution; 
E) Drafting information on assessment and environmental state of the river basins and reservoirs on the territory of Georgia, territorial waters of the Black Sea, continental shelfs, as well as incumbent and projected hydrometeorological and geodimanical processes at the special economic zone, geo-ecological state.
F) Elaborating and implementing state policy on affairs related to atmospheric air protection, water and land resources management and climate change; 

G) Implementation of the state policy on nuclear and radiation policy of the state; 

H) Monitoring the radiation state of an environment;

I) Elaborate the state policy on establishment of protected area system, functionality and management, as well as coordination of actions and oversight; 

J) Elaboration and implementation of the state policy of biodiversity protection, hunting, fishing and forestry affairs; as well as monitoring of the implementation efforts and oversight of biological diversity; 

K) Removal of animal objects from an environment, regulation and monitoring of the latter actions;
L) Elaborate a unified state policy with regard to genetically modified bodies and ensure state oversight on the requirements set forth within the respective legislative authority; 
M) Elaboration of strategic documents of environmental protection and agriculture, as well as deployment and fostering of the latter;  
N) Implementation of the state policy on environmental assessment affairs;  
O) Deployment decisions on prolonging an incumbent activities; within the scope of the MEPA - participation in strategic environmental assessment process of a crossborder affect on an environment; as well as organizing and implementation of procedures of environmental impact assessment; 
P) Elaboration of package of recommendations with regard to determining and suspending emergency ecological state or ecological disaster zones ; 
Q) Regulation of flourine airs and ozone-depleting substances on the Georgian territory;  
R) Within the scope of the MEPA, elaborate and implement a unified state strategy for managing waste and chemichals; 
S) Within the scope of the MEPA, ensure projection of natural and anthropological threats and risks, as well as planning of efforts to mitigate these, including elaboration of a unified state policy of environmental safety; 

T) Within the scope of the MEPA, ensure affective utilization of soil and protection of the latter, undertake measures against soil degradation, discuss/agree on efforts targeting restoration of degraded space; 
U) Management of fostering areas of agro-production, agro-recycling, cattle farming (including fishing), agro-engineering, protection of crops and veterinary; 
V) Undertaking and fostering agrarial reforms of the country aspired by the traditions of Georgia harmonized with the successful international expertise; 
W) Fostering development of rural-agrarian cooperatives in the country; 
X) Fostering recycling of primary production of agriculture and development of production of groceries; 
Y) Fostering an increased food safety and income toward the agro-production sector upon adhering to the sustainable development principles;

Z) Development of biological agro-production in the country; 

Z1) Research and analyses of information with regard to the best practices and expertise of agricultural production and fostering food production/realization; 

Z2) Fostering efforts targeting professional capacity building and knowledge-sharing to the bodies employed at the agricultural sphere, as well as provision of scientific-consultative expertise; 
Z3) Within the scope of the MEPA, foster international relations, define priority angles for cooperation and manage international programs; 
Z4) Foster harmonization of producers' and consumers' interests; 
Z5) Within the scope of the MEPA, foster formation of market infrastructure; 
Z6) implementation of scientific-research efforts in agriculture; 
Z7) Within the scope of the MEPA, ensure testing and registration of pesticides, chemicals, and/or new varieties of animals and crops; 
Z8) Safeguard the territory of the country from an intrusion of a rural-agricultural objects of quarantine; 
Z9) Foster economic stimulus at the villages, as well as social engagement and diminish poverty; 
Z10) Acomplishment of other objectives, as set forth by the respective legislation and within the mandate of the MEPA.