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"Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a historic reform and we will pass the legislative package at the government session in the nearest future" declared Levan Davitashvili

" Extended Producer Responsibility is an important reform not only in terms of environmental protection and waste management, but it contributes to the development of business and economic growth in the country. When we speak about green growth or sustainable economic development of the country, we shouldn’t forget the elements of circular economy and its biggest package comprising of an introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility. It’s worth mentioning, that our country has chosen this policy and made decisions at the legislative level, at present, we are working on the adoption of bylaws.


The conciliation process has come to an end. Moreover, before adoption of legislative initiatives we held intensive negotiations with the business sector. The opinions and attitudes of the business sector are taken into account. This is a difficult reform, which will consequently gain a historical significance, we have taken essential steps and are very close to a successful conclusion of our efforts. Our  government has already returned to its usual working regime and we will pass the package at the government session in the nearest future.


We have reached an agreement with other governmental agencies. The main focus is set on four products. We will pass a government resolution in the nearest future. Furthermore, we conduct meetings in different municipalities and hold consultations to discuss packaging material related crucial issues, however, we should note, that this is an important reform, which is related to the so-called Deposit system, the modern and one of the most successful systems being implemented in European countries and all over the world, in which, the producers are committed to ensure delivery of all types of plastic packaging material.


This system includes delivery of bottles as well, although, packaging materials make up a major portion of municipal waste and are a great source for raw materials for business and recycling in general. We see an increased interest from the representatives of business sector. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the plans have been postponed for a while, but they are still on the agenda ”said the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili.