Minister Levan Davitashvili met with Peter Wiebler and Marika Olson

Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Mr Levan Davitashvili met with Peter Wielbler, USAID Mission Director and Marika Olson, Team Leader of Economic Growth Office of USAID to discuss matters related to climate change, challenges in the fields of water and waste management. Attendees also spoke about ongoing and planned programs related to the agriculture. 
Minister Davitashvili thanked USAID for a multi-year assistance provided and stressed on effective cooperation and importance of bilateral partnerships between the two countries. 


In the course of the meeting, Mission Director Wiebler stated that USAID continues to assist Georgia’s programming in the areas of agriculture of environmental protection; USAID professes particular interest in climate change related matters; Wiebler also expressed readiness to assist Georgia in undertaking actions, which will soften climate change, support energy-effectiveness and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.