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Levan Davitashvili: "I believe, that Georgian wine companies will be even more successful in new markets in 2022"

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Levan Davitashvili commented on the diversification of wine markets, noting, that in 2021, the share of exports in the Russian market was 57%, which is the lowest rate, if compare these data to the period before imposing the embargo on the Georgian products (when 87%  was taken up by Russian market), and over the past few years after lifting the embargo. The decline in market share is resulted from the consistent policy of the Ministry-was noted by the Minister Davitashvili.
" We should take certain measures towards diversification and annually reduce the dependence on the Russian market, which implies more marketing activities in the new markets, where awareness of Georgian wine is relatively low. 

Last year, the export of Georgian wine approached the million mark  for the first time in the US market, thus selecting Georgian wine as a marketing priority. Our goal is to actively implement a project, which supports the individual marketing initiatives  and state co-financing for trade marketing.
 In September, 2021, we held a presentation of the respective program, which aroused great interest from winemakers. Moreover, we are expecting to be more active in the priority markets of our country, especially, if we are strengthening diversification and effectively implementing the aforementioned program. I believe, that Georgian wine companies will be even more successful in the new markets " Minister  Davitashvili said.