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By the End of 2023, about 300 Meteorological Stations will Be Installed throughout Georgia

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Otar Shamugia, addressed the Parliament during the "Ministerial Hour" format, regarding the measures which has been implemented and are planned to improve the monitoring systems.

As the Minister noted, in the context of climate change, vital importance is given to forecasting the weather and expected natural disasters.

"We have already made significant progress in this direction, with the support of the state and international partners we have deployed 2 meteorological radars in western and eastern parts of Georgia, by the end of 2023, we will have about 300 meteorological stations throughout Georgia, which will significantly improve the quality of weather forecast, forecasting expected natural disasters and it will also provide more accurate and high-quality information to our citizens," said Otar Shamugia, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.