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The Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Monitoring Network is Expanding Every Year throughout Georgia

"We have started restoring the water quality and quantity monitoring network. The monitoring network is expanding every year, but the existing monitoring is not enough to fully assess the condition of Georgian water bodies. To be more specific, 10 years ago surface water was monitored at 28 points, today - 231 such places are monitored.

There was no groundwater monitoring system at all, however as of today, 66 points are being monitored," said Otar Shamugia, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, addressing the parliament in a "Ministerial Hour" format.

As the Minister noted, this year, about 2.5 million GEL was allocated from the state budget to rehabilitate the water quantity monitoring network, as a result of which additional water level observation stations will be set up. Taking systemic steps will allow the state to effectively implement a water basin management system in practice and establish mechanisms for the rational use of water.