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The new Forest Code will establish the best forest management practices based on international principles

"In recent years, the country has taken important steps in the forestry sector, and today there is already a relevant legal framework - the new Forest Code", - this statement was made by the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Mr. Otar Shamugia, during his speech in the legislative body in the format of "Minister's Hour”. 

According to the Minister, the Code defines important mechanisms for sustainable forest management. Business yards should be set up throughout the country, and a sustainable system of timber production and forestry production should be gradually introduced. 

The Code created the possibility for the use of forests for recreational purposes and use of the forest non-timber resources. The Forestry Agency is actively building business yards across the country; up to 40 business yards are planned to be arranged by the end of the year. 

According to Mr.  Shamugia, along with the establishment of business yards, work will continue the introduction of mechanisms for sustainable timber production, the training of specialists, and the employment of the local population in this process.  On the one hand, this will help increase access to firewood and timber, contribute to the development of timber processing in the country, increase access to biomass and alternative fuels, and create additional rural working places; approximately 4,600 vacancies are expected to be created in timber production alone. As the Minister emphasized, in the end, the intended complex measures will reduce the cases of illegal use and increase the efficiency of forestry activities. In addition, forest care and restoration measures will be actively pursued. 

It is also important, that proposals and initiatives to tighten accountability for illegal logging and transportation are prepared. Also, active work is underway with interested agencies to develop effective mechanisms to prevent the falsification of timber transportation documents and illegally obtained timber.