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Otar Shamugia: "We are launching a program aimed at assisting smallholder farmers in purchasing goods needed for farming activities"

" Today, very important decision has been made by the Government of Georgia to support our farmers - the Agricultural Farmers Support Program has been approved to help smallholder farmers in purchasing goods urgent for agricultural activities’’- said the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture at the meeting with the media representatives after the government session.

According to the Minister, a few weeks ago, an additional, separate program was launched to support farmers. Under the preferential agro-credit project, the interest rate on a working capital loan will be financed for large farmers.
Under the frame of the program, in a very short time, from March 22 till today,"We help farmers to subsidize their interest on working capital loan - in the amount of 9%.,

Too many beneficiaries got benefits under the program, more than GEL 20 million loans have been issued, which means that our farmers are actively benefiting from the program offered by the state and are involved in the process of growing annual crops; This means more caltivated land plots, which is crucial.
However, it should be mentioned, that the smallholder farmers have relatively less access to preferential financial resources, therefore, considering the raising prices for fertilizers, pesticides and other commodities, farmers need our assistance and support.

Therefore,  the Government of Georgia decided to approve the new program. Under the program, according to the decision of the Prime Minister, farmers will receive GEL 300 assistance per 1 hectare.
" You will definetely agree, that this will be an important support for them and will enable them to produce agricultural products and earn income," Mr. Otar Shamugia said.
It should be mentioned, that according to the decision made at the government session today, the state is launching a program to support the owners of the agricultural land plots.
The budget of the new program is Gel 35 million. Under the program, the amount of subsidy for agricultural land was set at 300 GEL per hectare. Under the program, subsidies will be received by landowners / co-owners , if they have an agricultural land plot from 0.25 ha - up to 1.25 ha.

The beneficiary will be able to use the points accrued on the card to purchase the goods needed for agricultural activities.
Subsidies will be given to the beneficiaries involved in the program by accruing the corresponding points on a special agro card.
Beneficiaries will be provided with agro-cards by Liberty Bank. The beneficiary is required to register with the farmers register to participate in the program.