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According to Otar Shamugia, within the framework of the new project, repair works for irrigation infrastructure will be carried out in all regions of Georgia

After the Government session,  at the meeting with the media representatives, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Otar Shamugia stated, that the Ministry has made great efforts to develop irrigation infrastructure over the past few years.

"We have allocated about GEL 500 million to improve the infrastructure; However, the infrastructure, which has not been working properly for years requires huge financial resources and a time for a full recovery as well;

Therefore, under the framework of the new state project, we will start the implementation of projects amounting to GEL 200 million, which, in turn, will allow us to ensure farmers access to more effient and sustainable use of water, increase water supply and enable farmers to get better results, "- said Mr. Otar Shamugia.

According to the Minister, relevant projects will be implemented in all regions of Georgia - irrigation  projects will be carried out in Eastern Georgia and drainage infrastructure projects  in Western Georgia.

"We have a lot of work to do in the drainage field. As a result of large-scale works to rehabilitate the drainage system in western Georgia, it will be possible to put the large land areas into economic turnover and use them to produce agricultural products" said Mr. Otar Shamugia, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.

"Therefore, it is very important, that we will start this process and go on at an accelerated pace, and this will give us a concrete result, that was announced by the Prime Minister of Georgia," Mr. Otar Shamugia said.