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Otar Shamugia: “We are implementing relevant projects for diversification of the wine export market. Approximately GEL 10-12 million is spent annually in this area."

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Otar Shamugia spoke about the current situation in the market diversification area, at the meeting with the media representatives, after the Government session. 

"We had an 80 percent dependence on wine exports to the Russian market, and that number dropped to 57 percent; This is the result of the policy and measures taken by the state, obviously, together with our entrepreneurs.
We have been implementing relevant projects over the years for diversification of the wine export market with the involvement of the National Wine Agency. Approximately GEL 10-12 million is spent annually in this area.
We fund various events in many countries around the world, we conduct wine tastings, exhibitions; Moreover, in 2021, we developed a project, that aims to fund marketing expenses for our entrepreneurs.

This is an additional offer for entrepreneurs to spend their marketing expenses for wine promotion in the specific countries they are interested. We will finance their expenses if they meet the conditions of the project.

Therefore, this is another support for our entrepreneurs to enter different markets worldwide, "- said Mr. Otar Shamugia. 
According to the Minister, given the current reality, several meetings were held at the Ministry with the representatives of the wine industry.

"We must act in the best interests of our state, farms and entrepreneurs. We certainly held  a few meetings with the winemakers. "As to the process, we are making our best efforts to help entrepreneurs in the diversification of the wine export market," - said Mr. Shamugia.