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Solomon Pavliashvili delivers opening remarks at the 7th Conference on Circular Economy

The Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili delivered opening remarks at the 7th Conference dedicated to the Circular Economy.

The respective conference held for small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Georgia and Azerbaijan can make a significant contribution to the creation of circular businesses.

During the conference, the recommendations were given to small and medium-sized enterprises of Georgia and Azerbaijan on the adoption of circular economy principles in their current activities and future development plans.

"The main task of small and medium-sized enterprises in Georgia and Azerbaijan should be to identify circular business models and projects that are attractive for investment, and at the same time are in compliance with the long-term development vision and strategy of transition to a circular economy," said Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili.

Mr. Pavliashvili expressed his gratitude to the Swedish Government for its active support. The Deputy Minister noted, that joint efforts of stakeholders are crucial to moving to a circular economy. Moreover, government agencies, the business sector, inventors, academic circles, investors and consumers need to play a  critical role and make their contributions in the respective process.

During the meeting, Mr. Dariusz Edward Prasek, a member of the UN Advisory Board on Circular Economy and an independent international expert on Sustainable Finance Environmental, Social and Governance Areas made a presentation on accelerating the transition to a circular economy in Georgia and brought forward approaches, regarding effective implementation of the circular economy system.

The conference was organized by the Georgian Society of Natural Explorers "Orchis", in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, under the framework of the circular economy program, which is funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by the Georgian Society of Natural Explorers "Orchis", with the support of the Ministries of the Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Economy and Sustainable Development, Regional Development and Infrastructure,  Education and Science.