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Up to 40,000 farmers have already been credited with points to their Liberty Bank "Agro Cards", and more than 300,000 smallholder farmers will benefit from the state program

 For Farmer’s  Attention! 

Under the frame of the ‘State Program for Supporting Agricultural Landowners ’’, points will be gradually accrued on the Liberty Bank agro-cards for potential beneficiaries. 

Therefore, before activating the card or getting a new card, it is necessary to check the information about points accrued on your card on the Liberty Bank website:, unless visiting the bank, and thenceforth, you can visit the nearest Liberty Bank branch.

 Information on participation in the program and accrued points can also be verified through the Liberty Bank Hotline (2 55 55 00). Farmers can contact the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture hotline (1501) to get information on the details of the program or any questions regarding involvement/use of the program.

According to the "State Program for Supporting Agricultural Landowners ", the amount of subsidy for agricultural land was set at 300 GEL per hectare (300 points accrued on the agro-card). Under the program, the landowners / co-owners will get subsidies in case of owing from 0.25 ha - up to 1.25 ha of agricultural land plots.

Points can be used for purchasing agricultural goods, herbicides, pesticides, seed materials, agricultural implements, etc in the specialized shops of agricultural goods. 
See the list of shops at the following link: 

Currently, relevant points of the accrued subsidy can be spent in more than 180 licensed, specialized shops of agricultural goods throughout Georgia; more than 500 trade facilities will gradually serve beneficiary farmers.
The use of accrued points will be available until November 30, 2022.