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Supervisory Board holds the next working meeting

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture hosted the 6th meeting of the Supervisory Board, which was established for the development of the plant protection field. 

The First Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Board, Mr. George Khanishvili opened the meeting.

The representatives of the Ministry and its relevant agencies - the National Food Agency, State Laboratory of Agriculture and the Agricultural Scientific Research Center - made brief reports on the challenges facing the agricultural sector, the results achieved in the field and future plans.

The participants emphasized the importance of crop protection measures, pest risk assessment and analysis to identify quarantine pests, and the urgent necessity of fulfilling obligations taken under the framework of the DCFTA.

During the meeting, the Board members discussed the food products of plant origin and export/import of plant products related issues as well.

The representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the United States Department of Rural Development (USDA), the National Food Agency, the State Agricultural Laboratory, the Scientific Research Center, Revenue Service, donor organizations, and the non-governmental and scientific circles attended the meeting.