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Otar Shamugia hosted the representatives of agricultural sectoral associations

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Mr. Otar Shamugia, First Deputy Minister Mr. George Khanishvili, and representatives of relevant services of the Ministry met with the representatives of agricultural sector associations.

During the meeting, the parties summed up the activities implemented in 2022 and addressed key areas and existing challenges faced by the agricultural sector.


"Communication between the state and the private sector is crucial for us. We are ready to listen to the representatives of each sector, get familiar with the challenges faced by the industry, and, together with the associations, we are ready to develop solutions which will contribute to the rapid and effective development of the agricultural sector", said Mr. Otar Shamugia.


The discussion touched upon the outcomes obtained by state initiatives. The representatives of the associations discussed issues regarding the development of different branches of agriculture, specifically,  grain crops, milk farming, cattle breeding, production of laurel, hazelnut crops, bread, olives, honey, fish and eggs, sheep farming, and beekeeping. The parties highlighted current challenges in the agricultural sector as well.


According to the Minister, the country is currently experiencing a growth trend in the production and export of local products.
The discussion touched upon the potential and possibilities for livestock and aquaculture development in the country.


As previously stated, the Ministry is always ready to meet with the representatives of agricultural sector organizations and discuss initiatives, needs, and challenges facing the industry. Furthermore, the Ministry's successful approach is to consider new initiatives and discuss supporting measures, legislative acts, and regulations jointly with the participation of the business sector.