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Georgia joins the "Zero Waste" initiative.

During the high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, the Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili supported the "Zero Waste" initiative on behalf of Georgia.


The high-level meeting was held under the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 77/161 on the International Day of "Zero Waste" and initiated by the Turkish side. 105 countries supported the mentioned initiative.


"The adoption of the "Zero Waste" approach is one of the primary priorities for Georgia for the development of the circular economy, and at the same time, it is the main focus of the EU-supported waste management reform being currently implemented in the country to achieve sustainable development goals towards waste prevention. By supporting the "Zero Waste" initiative, our country joins the International Community's statement to more actively and jointly deal with the triple planetary crisis – Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Biodiversity Loss.  The "Zero Waste" approach creates a new opportunity for the business sector to support the adoption of zero-waste manufacturing and circular economy practices" said Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili.


During the meeting, Mr. Pavliashvili spoke about the need for joint programs and projects to introduce the concept of "Zero Waste", moreover, the parties agreed on the specific action plan, with the active participation of Georgia.