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8 locations have been allocated for setting up marine aquaculture farms in the coastline of Adjara, Samegrelo, and Guria regions.

8 locations have been allocated for setting up marine aquaculture farms in the coastline of Adjara, Samegrelo, and Guria regions.
The Government of Georgia has approved a draft decree on "allocated zones for aquaculture in marine areas of Georgia".


The project proposed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture calls for the allocation of eight sites along the coastline of Adjara, Samegrelo, and Guria regions where, according to the recommendations of international experts, aquaculture farms - fish (3 locations) and shellfish (5 locations) - can be established.


At the end of the Government session, the Minister noted, that Georgia has great potential for developing the aquaculture sector. Moreover, after the approval of the zone project, additional permit conditions are planned to be determined based on the consideration of zone management plans and investor proposals, including issuing aquaculture permits under the law, which will create an opportunity to attract considerable investments in the aquaculture area- the possibility for producing tens of thousands of tonnes of fish and various types of seafood and, gradually to exploit the export potential of fish products, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.



"I believe we have the opportunity and should do everything possible to create more products, first and foremost to meet the demand in the domestic market, employ more people, and, of course, to significantly increase export opportunities," said the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture.


According to the Law of Georgia "On Aquaculture", implementing aquaculture activities, including the aquaculture production (breeding, rearing, and harvesting of aquatic plants and animals) in marine waters is permitted only in the areas designated for aquaculture, which are approved by the Government of Georgia within the framework of spatial planning of the special economic zone, taking into account scientific, social, economic, environmental and other factors. Aquaculture zones represented by the project do not include protected or prohibited marine areas. 



The main recommendations for aquaculture zones were prepared in close cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Union, with the participation of international experts and the involvement of stakeholders.


Determining and allocating the zones for aquaculture will contribute to the development of the aquaculture industry in Georgia, attracting investments and creating jobs for the local people.