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Georgia joins the International Radiation Monitoring Information System.

Georgia has joined the International Radiation Monitoring Information System of the International Atomic Energy Agency thus, the radiation indicators received from the Agency of Nuclear and Radiation Safety will be automatically supplied to the IRMIS system and reflected on the international map.

The IRMIS system, created under Georgia’s international obligations, is an essential mechanism in the early warning /notification and response management process of nuclear or radiological emergencies.
In the event of a nuclear or radiological emergency, the IRMIS system supports the assessment of the radiological situation and provides critical data to inform emergency response decision-makers immediately.

"Inclusion in the IRMIS system confirms Georgia's commitment to the international legal framework for nuclear and radiation safety and international cooperation," said Mrs. Khatia Jikuridze, Head of the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency.
According to Mr.  Carlos Torres Vidal, Director of the IAEA's Incident and Emergency Centre, such participation promotes international collaboration for people and environmental protection.

Georgia became the 50th contributing state to the IRMIS system due to the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency's technical measures and software implemented/installed at radiation background monitoring stations in the country.