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Environmental legislation is getting stricter.

 At the Agrarian Issues, Environmental Protection, and Natural Resources Committee session, Mrs. Tandilashvili submitted a package of amendments aimed at strengthening environmental legislation.

According to the First Deputy Minister, the package of amendments envisages the tightening of sanctions for polluting the Black Sea, with the GEL 65,000 fine increasing to GEL 100,000. Furthermore, the rotation of the electric shock device is prohibited, and a fine sanction is imposed in this regard.

"Marine pollution is harmful to biodiversity. Accordingly, there are fairly severe fines for marine pollution in European Union nations, the proposed modification is also a recommendation from the European Union", said Mrs. Nino Tandilashvili.

According to the legislative amendments, the illegal purchase, storage, carrying, transfer, or selling of a fish-catching electric shock device will result in a fine of GEL 1000, confiscation of the crime weapon, and a fine of 2000 GEL if repeated.
Manufacturing, purchasing, storing, carrying, transporting, transmitting, sending, and selling fishing electric weapons will result in a fine of GEL 3000, confiscation of the criminal weapon, and punishment of GEL 6000 if repeated.

The committees reviewed and approved the package of amendments in the first reading.