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Solomon Pavliashvili met with the representatives of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

The Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili, met with the representatives of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) organizations. 


The discussion covered the EPR organizations' efforts made in waste collecting and processing, including the outcomes and challenges they faced. The parties emphasized the importance of creating a large processing enterprise, introducing /adopting modern technologies, and finding sales markets for manufactured products. 


"Promoting extended producer responsibility organizations and supporting capacity development is particularly important for the state. We have made progress toward waste collection/processing, although we need to promote the creation and development of high-tech waste processing companies. Our objective is to assist EPR organizations in projects that will be sustainable, contribute to the growth of processing production in the nation, import-implementation-operation of modern technologies, and produce quality products that can be exported to the EU market. 


I would point out that the state must develop all links of the waste recycling system and make them effective, which will further contribute to the development of the green economy in the country", said Mr. Solomon Pavliashvili.
Representatives of EPR organizations stated that the initiative is relevant and timely since developing the waste processing industry would be impossible without the state's cooperation and assistance. 


Initially, it may be impossible to recycle all the waste in the country. However, it is crucial to utilize the current potential and carry out primary waste processing on-site.
According to the representatives of EPR organizations, the past year has clearly shown both the potential and the challenges in waste collection and processing in the country.
Representatives of the relevant Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture attended the meeting.