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Georgian Government Approved the Atmospheric Air Standard

The modern European standards to assess atmospheric air quality throughout the country will enter into the force from August 1, 2018.
"We have adopted a European level standard on the marginal norms in the air, on the norms of pollutants in the air. Here are definitions of different types of pollutants, including heavy metals and dioxides. Henceforth, We will have an opportunity to assess atmospheric air according to the European principles”- said the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili.
This standard is a part of a huge environmental policy - cited as a ''step forward'' by the Prime Minister. We will make a very complex presentation on the development of Green Policy, Green Economic Policy and Development of a Green Economics in Georgia, "said the Minister of Environmental Protection And Agriculture Levan Davitashvili at the end of the government session.
The Ministry of Environmental protection and agriculture has installed a special automatic monitoring system and mobile automatic stations to measure pollution levels and monitor atmospheric air quality in the country. Moreover, through local and mobile stations the Ministry will upgrade and extend the air quality monitoring network .
A modern automated monitoring network in the country allows to assess the air quality according to the European standards. It should be noted, that introduction of European standards of air quality meets the requirements of the Association Agreement signed between the EU and Georgia.
Furthermore, a special web-portal will be launched where citizens will get information about the air quality in certain locations online.