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Levan Davitashvili: The grape harvest has traditionally started from Dedoplistskaro municipality

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili got acquainted with the ongoing grape harvest process in the village Samtatskaro, Dedoplistskaro municipality, where he visited the vineyards of grape grower Nikoloz Samardashvili and attended the grape picking process. The farmer Nikoloz Samardashvili has planted several grapevine varieties on 2 hectares. In recent years, he has not faced a problem related to the sale of grape. This year, when Government has not subsidized grape harvest, he agreed with the entrepreneur to deliver grape at an acceptable price for him. Diversified markets, increased wine exports and the number of enterprises on the market gives firm reasons to believe that the grape harvest will be held in an organized manner- was noted by the Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture.
"Grape harvest has started without any drawbacks in Kakheti region. As a result of an appropriate state policy implemented in the viticulture and winemaking sectors, this year’s grape harvest will be successful and will be held in an organized manner. This was the first harvest over the last 10 years when government did not subsidize the grape harvest.  Entrepreneurs and grape growers will deal with this issue themselves, they will agree about the quality of grape and prices "said Levan Davitashvili.
A special grape harvest coordination center opened in Kakheti on August 20. So far 80 companies have registered in the center that are ready to get involved in the grape harvest process. Of these companies 23 wine companies are already involved in the harvest. About 5,000 tonnes of grapes are predicted to be processed during this harvest.
The First Deputy Governor of Kakheti region Irakli Shioshvili and Adviser of the Prime Minister for regional development issues, Sozar Subari along with the Head of Vintage Coordination HQ, Acting Chairman of the National Wine Agency Andro Aslanishvili got acquainted with the process of grape vintage in Dedoplistskaro municipality.