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Plant The Future

Plant The Future

The program "Plant the Future" is initiated by the Ministry of  Environmental Protection
and Agriculture and is implemented by the Rural development Agency with the state budget

Co-financing will be carried out in four separate components of the program:

a) The component of co-financing perennial gardens;

b) Co-financing component of the nursery gardens;

c) Co-financing component for the installation of anti-hail systems and/or arrangement of a well/borehole pumping station;

d) Co- Financing component of damaged seedlings as a result of natural disasters .


The goals of the program: 

1. Cultivation of Georgia’s agricultural land with the purpose of effective use for planting perennial crops. With the result of replacement imported products and the increasing export potential, the process of improving quality of the production of raw material base processing industry will be increased and the social/economic conditions of the rural area population will improve.

2. Support of the local,high-quality, phytosanitary clean planting material (seedlings) production, which will make possible for individuals interested in creating modern, intensive cultivated gardens, offer cheap, local materials for planting compare to imported ones. Thus, will stimulate Georgia’s new gardens and fruit-growing sector quantitative and qualitative improvement.