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Farms/Farmers Registration Project

Project Scope

The “Project of registration of farms/ farmers” regulates a system of the united registry of farmers/farms which will consolidate information on the entities employed in the agricultural activities, their agricultural-economic activities and agricultural assets existing in their ownership/maintenance in the united electronic database. The Project is initiated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agricultura of Georgia and is being implemented by the Agricultural Projects Management Agency. A short-term target of the Project must be reached not later than 31 December, 2018


Short-term target – fulfillment of one of the obligations stipulated by “The European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development.” (ENPARD II), mainly, on the national scale, registration of approximately 100 000 farms / farmers in the registry of farms/ farmers in Georgia
Long-term target – to register all entities involved into the agricultural activity on the whole territory of Georgia (except for the entities which conduct agricultural activity only by order of the legal entities registered in Georgia and/or employed on the basis of the labor agreements), that will enable the Government to obtain statistic information as well which will be applied for correct selection of target groups and planning and implementing of different stimulating projects/programs, in case of such necessity

Identification of the entities involved in the agricultural activity about which the primary information maybe obtained by different governmental entities and organizations
Systematization, classification of the primary information obtained about the identified entities involved in the agricultural activity and on their activities and its entering into the electronic database
Checking and reviewing of the primary information entered into the electronic database according to the rule which is established by the “Project of registration of farms/ farmers
Implementation of the electronic, dynamic and interactive system