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Results on First National Forest Inventory of Georgia

We would like to inform you that an international conference organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia will be held on November 3-4 in connection with the first ever national forest inventory carried out in Georgia.


We would like to bring to your attention that the MEPA, with the financial support of the Federal Republic of Germany, for the first time in the region, planned and implemented the fieldwork of the national forest inventory during 2019-2021 and elaborated the final report of the national inventory in 2022.


On November 3,  the guests invited to the event will receive information about the process of the first national forest inventory of Georgia, the processed data and the final report, current activities and current challenges in the forestry sector.


On November 4, international experts invited to the event, together with local experts, will discuss the importance of national forest inventory for sustainable forest management and its role in the process of political and strategic decision-making.


Attendance for the wider public at the aforementioned meeting is possible only through Online Platform (ZOOM), the link of which can be found below.


- Link to the November 3 event:

Meeting ID: 828 6206 8766


- Link to the November 4 event:

Meeting ID: 896 7597 0965
  Passcode: 473379